Sr. Digital Designer,
User Experience Ninja
& Wordpress Nerd.

I am Edvin Uddfalk. Currently creating outstanding user experiences at Peak Performance.

Peak Performance

As a key player in Peak Performance's E-commerce team, I'm responsible for the online user experience and digital design.

  • Digital Design
  • User Experience
  • Interface

I got the honour to work with the new digital face of for about a year. Resulted in both an updated design and back-end.

  • Web Design
  • User Experience
  • Back-End UI


As I've been working with web, SEO and e-commerce for well over ten years I felt it's time to start selling my own created courses through Kurseo.

  • Content Creative
  • Digital Design
  • User Experience

These are some companies, artists and businesses that I've too done work with and for.